Leftovers EP

by Langston Bukowski



There was a time in Chicago when EV Studios in Evanston was the place to be for up and coming MCs, DJs and producers. These songs come from that time period...or maybe the tail end of that time period, the last days of EV, when I was spending any free time I had, hanging out at the studio, sharing songs, stories and blunts with a grip of talented artists. This is when Racecar and I first met, hit it off and began to collaborate. He would sit in on my sessions, I on his. He and K-Kruz were just finishing up their debut as Modill, "Midnight Green" and were practically living at the studio, I think Racecar actually crashed on the couch more than a few times. This is when the Langston Bukowski project was first conceived. A couple of these songs were recorded with that project expressly in mind, but most of them were born fateless, the results of long smoke-filled afternoons, sneaking time in the booth in between other peoples' scheduled sessions. While many of the songs compiled here seem to be solo efforts, if you listen closely you can often hear the voices of Racecar, myself and many other EV regulars in the background vocals and adlibs. I've lost touch with many of the people involved with these songs and others I see or speak to increasingly less. Racecar and I havent actually seen each other in over a year and a half. To us, these songs represent a period of emergent creativity. Hearing them now ques nostalgic reverie. I am glad I am finally getting the chance to share some of them with the world.

- Apoc 02/22/2012


released February 22, 2012

raps: Apoc & Racecar

beats: "LbAuNkGoSwTsOkNi"produced by K-Kruz, "Miss Green Part 1" produced by Scandls, "Miss Green Part 2" produced by Deep Kalico, "A Night Out...(Da Da Da)" and "The Blues" produced by Overflo, "Soul Clap" "Two Questions" and "ChHuAgRhLeIsE" produced by Earmint

scratches: Big Once

recorded & mixed by K-Kruz at EV and Undisclosed Location Studios

LB logo by Earmint, album art by Apoc



all rights reserved


Apoc New York, New York

Originally from Chicago, Apoc’s music, art and journalism have brought him all over the world and afforded him the opportunity to perform alongside many of his heroes and esteemed contemporaries, from Slick Rick to Busdriver to Lupe Fiasco. He’s had music featured on a number of TV shows including MTV’s Jersey Shore and been invited to play a variety of festivals including POP Montreal and NXNE. ... more

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